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Create great results with a complete range of binding machines from Fellowes. Choose a document binder that can create professional looking documents of up to 500 pages for reports, meetings, and conferences. Document binding takes your presentation to the next level.

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To create presentations, leave-behinds and the best proposals, binding machines are essential for every office. Bound documents are completely customizable so you can make the best impression for any meeting.


Binding is also useful for creating internal documents around the office from policy handbooks to employee manuals. There are three types of binding to choose from and all have different benefits.

Comb binding allows you to create large 500 page documents. The benefits of comb binding are that you can easily add or remove pages after you have bound the document. Comb bound documents also lay flat for easy presenting or when you need to make copies. Because of its flexibility, comb bound documents work well for internal manuals, brochures and guides.

Wire binding features a distinctive metal finish. It’s a permanent, secure binding that also lays flat when opened. The distinct advantage of wire binding is the ability for bound pages to rotate 360 degrees, which makes wire binding ideal for such projects as flip book presentations.

Thermal binding offers the highest quality and most professional look for your bound documents. Thermal binding is strong and lightweight. The squared back of a thermal bound document easily stores on a bookshelf. Thermal binding also offers a completely flat surface to your finished book, so it’s ideal for mailing. Thermal binding is best for corporate presentations, company overviews and annual reports.

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