Introducing LX Series Shredders

Our most advanced shredders ever. Thoughtfully designed to integrate into any workspace.

LX Series For Office
LX Series For Home Office

With our next generation small office and deskside shredders, you'll experience a reliable jam-free performance and optimum levels of productivity. Combine this with the ability to shred confidential documents into tiny unreadable particles, for superior security and total peace of mind.

These shredders are perfect for home office and deskside use. They offer a high-security shredding performance, advanced safety features, and the stylish good looks of the LX Series next generation design. There's no better nor more convenient way to securely shred obsolete documents in your home office.


Jam-Proof Feature
Micro-Cut Feature
Sheet Quantity Indicator
Safety Feature
Intellibar Feature
No Jam Icon

The 100% Jam Proof™ system automatically detects and power through tough jobs.

Efficiency Meter Feature

Indicates the potential for increased sheet capacity in real-time, maximizing productivity.

Safety Feature

Fellowes patented SafeSense® technology stops shredding when hands or paws touch the paper entry.

Runtime Indicator Feature

Warns you when the shredder has nearly reached its maximum run time, and again when the shredder needs to cool down.

Bin Full Indicator Feature

Notifies you when the bin is 80% full, and again when it needs to be emptied in order to continue shredding.

LX Series Security Levels

The Fellowes LX Series shredder assortment features micro-cut, mini cut and cross-cut machines to ensure your documents and files are destroyed. So for the utmost security, rely on the world's toughest shredder, the first time, every time. See below to learn more about the benefits of smaller particles.

Micro-cut pictureMini-CutCross-cut picture
Superior SecurityAdvanced SecurityHigher Security
Shred size
Over 2000 particles per A4 sheet.
(2 x 12 mm)
Shred size
Over 1000 particles per A4 sheet.
(4 x 12 mm)
Shred size
Over 300 particles per A4 sheet.
(4 x 40 mm)


Up to 6x more secure
Superior security micro-cut particles are small, unreadable particles designed to protect your privacy.


Shred more, empty less
Convenient, extra small particles mean up to 2.5X more shredded sheets fit in the bin versus standard Cross-Cut, resulting in less frequent bin emptying.


Quiet operation
Quiet performance micro-cut shredders, by design, shred more quietly than cross-cut and strip-cut shredders for less disruption in shared workspaces.

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